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There are 6 windows described below.  Click on the Thumbnails for a better look!

The Bates Memorial Windows:

The five light stained glass windows in the Sanctuary, installed in 1903, as a Memorial to Canon Joseph Bates who was the Vicar of the Parish for 25 years, at a time of great expansion from 1872 - 1897.

These are the earliest stained glass windows in the church and were manufactured by Whitefriars in England. Each light depicts one of Our Lord’s "I Am" statements. From left to right: "I am the Vine", "I am the Good Shepherd", the central light depicts Christ as King enthroned in glory, "I am the Light" and "I am the Bread of Life".

The two light stained glass window in the south aisle by the Font, is in memory of Mrs. Bates, 25 years a true and loyal friend to all.

Centenary Window (North transept)

A Gift in Grateful Remembrance of the Pioneers of the Church, 1956. Unveiled on 27th May 1956.

The theme of the window is the action of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the Alpha and Omega, working through the Old Covenant; the New Covenant sealed with the precious Blood of Christ shed for us on the Cross and glorified by His Resurrection and Ascension; and through the Church today.

This is shown symbolically in the six panels of the tracery of the window. In the four main panels are portrayed the Four Evangelists, St.Matthew, St.Mark, St.Luke and St.John, and their emblems who were inspired to draw the pen portraits of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Which and Who is the Gospel.

It is appropriate that the window should be placed in the north transept near where the pulpit stands, and where the message of the Gospel is proclaimed.

Manufactured by Whitefriars, England.

Epiphany Window: (South Transept)

Representing the visit of the Three Wise Men to the Holy Famly.

A four-light window of stained glass on the south-side of the crossing designed by Mrs. Beverley Shore Bennett (Waikanae) and crafted by Miller Studios in Dunedin. It is a fully painted window, which is rarely done today, as it is the most expensive type of stained glass. Dedicated on the 29th February, 1976 at the farewell Service of the retiring Vicar, Rev. F.O.Dawson.

West Window

The original West Window was a large gothic window of opaque glass. The West end of the Church was altered with the building of the Memorial Porch in 1965.

The present Memorial /Centennial (of the completion of the church) Window was dedicated by the Rt. Rev. E.G.Buckle on 26th April 1987, just more than 101 years since the dedication of the church building on 15th April 1886.

The artist Mrs.Beverley Shore Bennett describes the symbolism in the window:

"Christ in Glory, surrounded by mandorla and worshipped by the four living creatures "full of eyes" at His feet. The cross above the world, and below the centenary dates of the Church with a view of the original building as it appeared in 1886.

At the apex a triquetera , a symbol for the Trinity. This is echoed over the whole design. The outer sections, while depicting Christ’s Lordship over the world, i.e. wind, fire, water, and earth, there is the double symbolism of the wind and flames of Pentecost, the Living Water and the Tree of Life for the healing of the nations."

Resurrection Window: (North transept)

Given by the family in memory of their mother, Mrs.Louise Godley , a lifetime member of the parish. A smaller, three light, window depicting the women at the tomb on Easter morning, with the angels attending.

Designed by Mrs. Beverley Shore Bennett and crafted at Oamaru, South Island, by Mr. Bellanger Taylor.

Dedicated on the 17th July 1997.