Welcome to HT Youth!

I’m Charly Choi, the Youth Pastor at Holy Trinity Church, Devonport.

Holy Trinity Church’s Youth Ministry is located in the Parish Hall next to Holy Trinity Church, 20 Church Street, Devonport.

HT Youth is a part of the ministry of Holy Trinity Church, Devonport. It aims to help young people find and build a strong relationship with Jesus Christ and with each other. We aim to form a community, in which children can learn about God in Jesus, with the help of the Holy Spirit. At the same time, we focus on our relationships with each other as a community by doing fun social activities and participating in interesting discussions together.

HT Youth offers various programmes which cater for different age groups.

HT Youth – Friday night programme operates during TERM TIME

Friday and Sunday Youth Programmes consist of activities, discussions, and teaching sessions.

A afternoon of games and God for intermediate aged youth
GAP (years 6, 7 & 8), 6pm – 7pm on Friday Nights in the Parish Hall

A time for connection, food, fun, worship, games and GOD. This is aimed at High School students.
Juniors & Seniors (years 9 – 13), Friday 7.30-9:30pm in the Parish Hall

A group of young adults meets fortnightly.  Here there is discussion and time for friendships to be developed.

Contact Charly (021 078 3511)  for exact times and programme.



2014 Youth Bright Hole

HT Youth on Sunday meets at 9.30am
This is a programme for youth in School Years 7-13 which meets on Sunday mornings during the sermon slot in the 9.30am service.  It aims to provide practical lessons and good discussions on the sermon topic. This group meets every Sunday except 1st Sunday of the month when everyone joins in for our All Age Service at 9.30am.

Youth Alpha is run in the Parish from time to time. Check out the notice board for times and dates or contact Charly for more information 4450128.

The youth also attend Easter camps each year and meet for social events with other youth groups in the Auckland area from time to time.

We also have a Youth Band which takes a turn at leading the worship on a Sunday morning and which leads the worship on a Wednesday night and we are always on the lookout for young talent to be a part of the band.

If you are interested in hearing more about or  joining any of our groups, please contact me Charly Choi, on 09 445 0128 or via email:


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